1-hour lessons, in your home, for $60 each.

Teach for RTM

Teaching for Red Turtle Music means focusing on what you do best: inspiring others to enjoy music in creative ways. Red Turtle Music handles the rest for you so you can be sure that there is no distraction from giving the best music education possible, without giving up your freedom as an independent. You get to be your most brilliant self when all of the minutiae is out of the picture. You have all of the benefits of working with a large organization while maintaining your autonomy as an independent.

Red Turtle Certified instructors also benefit from our community. An example of this community in action is our periodic optional meetings for instructors to discuss specific challenges with each other. It means receiving bonuses when your hard work has inspired friends or family of your student to learn, whether that person is interested in the instrument you specialize in or not. Your students benefit from the community too. There are concert opportunities for them to showcase their skills.

Red Turtle also ensures that your lessons are used to help drive your goals forward. When an independent teacher might spend a large amounts of unpaid time and their lesson money campaigning for more students, this is done for you with Red Turtle. The results of those efforts are larger than what one person could do on their own.

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